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President ICOLD

Welcome Address

Mr.Chairman, Dr.Lütkestratkötter, Minister Mr.Flath and Ladies and Gentlemen,

On my personal behalf and on behalf of ICOLD I extend a hearty welcome to all of you. I had the privilege of taking the city tour yesterday and I am awed by the sheer history and the beauty of this small city. We are weighed down by the large weight of the brief case and in it the history of the weighty monuments. There are many firsts of the people of Dresden and the Saxons in general in starting with the first German cosmonaut Sigmund Jähn. His message is very pertinent to our Dresden meeting. 'A beautiful planet the earth and how do we keep the beauty unchanged if possible or change without spoiling the beauty. The message is for every one of us. Change is inevitable but the ICOLD mission is to change for the better with the least disturbance.
The hosts have made an excellent program and the response as delegates is very good. This is our opportunity for net working. In spite of all the electronic media that is now available still personal rapport makes it more human and everlasting.

I would like to thank the hosts and welcome you to this important symposium and enjoy the conference and the work is inevitable.

Thanking you